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Your Advantages of Using Google Email

You can find many email services provider over the internet and it’s hard to pick which you want to have. There are hotmails, Gmail and Yahoo. Almost all of them are very good when it comes to securing the confidentiality of your email and your personal information. But I can recommend you an email service provider which gives you lots of benefits. This email service has a URL link of mail.google.com. Why mail Google? There are many hidden reasons as to why you need to pick this one. Here in this article you can read few of the benefits you are going to get by signing up to Google email.

  1. When you create an account to Google, you can have an easy access to all Google products such as the Youtube and Google+. All you need is to establish your profile and your email address and everything is very easy now. You will be amaze how useful this account.
  2. You do not need to create one account per product. With your profile and email address, you can always login to any of the Google products. All you need is to go to the Account Creation page and click Create an account. Anytime and anywhere with Google account and product you can do whatever you like.
  3. Your Youtube account is very handy. You will not just use it for posting comments on video and uploading videos but you can also use it to share Google documents. The account is not only created for one purpose but for many reasons.

These are the things that will convince you to create Google email. All you need to do in the internet that requires email address is already handled. If you want to know the steps on how to create a Google Email account, check out this post.

The Danubian Dreams Project

The Danubian Dreams is all about the five European designers and architects who are invited to create something own their own “shed”. The project was all about the proposed building of traditional hat and introducing it to the 21st century. The constructions will be made throughout the states of Europe and will be installed on the place where they will land. The first was on the Danube of Bratislava and other locations consist of Belgrade, Budapest and the black sea in Danube Delta. The project has its own specific guidelines such as the size of the shed and the mobile character that can travel though out the entire Europe.

The Designers and Architectures Profile

The team was composed of Peter Cook, Helen & Hard, Odile Decq, Vallo & Sadovsky and Matali Crasset. The aim of the project was to create architectural huts not the modern way.

  • Peter Cook – This architect was born on year 1936 in United Kingdom. Now he lives in London. Currently, he is the instructor in architecture of the University College London. His project was the Hat and Coat Kiosk with different colors to sell ice creams and fruits.
  • Helen & Hard – This is an agency that was formed in year 1996 in Norwat by Reinhard Kropf and Helene Strangeland. The creative works of the agency represents the traditional feeling using the wood to obtain a light and landscape. There were always balance between the ecology and the form of invention from their works. Their project was named “air force take away”.
  • Odile Decq – An architect from France born in year 1955. He obtained the Lion D’Or at the two-yearly of architecture in year 1996 on Venezia. His project was “Open Tipi”.
  • Vallo & Sadovsky – The agency was created by Matus Vallo and Oliver Sadovsky in Bratislava on year 2004. Their project was named “Casa Di Torcello”.
  • Matali Crasset – Born in France in the year 1955. She created her own company in year 1998 named “Matali Crasset Production”. Her project in Danubian Dreamswas named “Klorofil”.