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How to Sign Up At Ge Capital Website?

Ge Capital Bank has customers from small to mid-size business companies where the main office is located at Utah. There are also individual who opens personal accounts. The GE Corporation holds the bank and is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. if you are one of the member of the bank, there are ways to contact them. It depends on what type of client you are to the bank. There is a guide below that can help you when you want to inquire something on the bank. If you want, just visit also GoGeCapital.com for info.

How business customers can reach the bank?image

Business customers have the access of the live customer help of the bank by dialing the number 800-333-1082. The number line is available during Monday to Saturday starting from 8 am to midnight of the Eastern Time. Customers of GoGeCapital can also reach them on Sundays at 11 am to 9 pm only. There will be an automated system running 24 hours at the same number. For those who wanted some assistant on their business, there is a separated page online where you can send a request.

How to reach the bank for personal banking inquiry?

Just check at the back of your debit or credit card for the domestic number of the bank to connect with them in case you have inquiries or problem with your card. This is a dedicated customer service at your area. You can also get the number at your monthly bank statement. For general inquiry, you can just dial the 866-419-4096 of the GE Capital. The customer service is available from Monday to Friday at 7:30am to midnight. They are also available during Saturday from 10 am to 7pm. There is no customer service on Sundays.

For more details about general banking visit the link.

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