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Reviews for University of Phoenix Online Ecampus

Do you think that University of Phoenix Online Ecampus will be good for you? What is this school? It is one of those online universities that caters or offers higher education to students who want to earn a degree.  Though there are also branches of traditional schools for this university in 38 states and 2 provinces in Canada and Puerto Rico. Courses are available in health care, education, business, social and behavioral sciences and also in technology. How University of Phoenix online a good option for you? In this article, you will learn the advantages and the disadvantages of enrolling in this online school:


  1. The phoenix university online focuses on the non traditional way of teaching. They assume that you have a busy life. Conventional to students who have jobs.
  2. They do not have the stringent admission requirements and does not require entrance exam.  Those students who were not doing well on high school can have the second chance to be on college.
  3. The classes are more on about real world experiences and hands on.
  4. You can meet students that are also aligned on your course which are older that could be a good network source of opportunities.


  1. The school promoted the group work which works well on most of the students. But what if there are some who are not into this style? This can be a disadvantage on that student.
  2. The fast pace of teaching of University of Phoenix online do not work for everybody.
  3. The ambiance and the experience to be on traditional school are lost even though there are many adult students who can work well with the Ecampus.

These are the things you can weight if you are into or not with the University of Phoenix. Online university is the latest trend now.




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