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Sears Sign Up Process

The Sears Holding Corporations is among the company with big chains of department stores in United States and Canada. It has now about 2,300 affiliated stores with well-known brands. The employees are also from different states in two countries. It has its own Human Resources website for their employees. It provides quick and easy services to those who wanted to obtain employment details.  So, if you are a valid employee in any of these affiliates, you can create your own user ID and password to access the system. This is the Sears employee website, www.88sears.com. Using the system, you can access your pay checks, updates employment information W-4 form and change direct deposit on your account.

Sears Online Sign Up

The online application is very easy. Once you are already enrolled you can avail the benefits offered by the company not only for you but are also extended to your family. That is why read the instructions about applying online.

Step 1: Have your internet connection and get your laptop to start with the process. Open your browser and type the Sears employee website URL www.88sears.com.

Step 2: Look for the “Register” link when you do not have an account yet and a new user on the account. When you are on the page, you will be asked for a valid email address. You must fill out the field and click “Confirm Email’ link.

Step 3: Then, create your own password of your account. Make sure it is secured enough for others not to guess. The email ID and password you have entered will be your authentication details you will use to login into the account.

Step 4: Provide also your zip code digit on your state. Check the box that will let you get newsletters and updates from the company to send it to your email ID provided.

Step 5: Once you are done with steps 1 to 5, you have to click the “Register” button to finish the process.

All Sears employee can now easily know their rights as an employee in this company once you have your own account.

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