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Step by Step Process of Applying Online at Bank of America

For those who already opened an account in Bank of America can now manage their account easily through online. You can manage your current balance, send money to other bank account or even apply to other products of the bank if you are fit. This is possible once you enrol online at Bankofamerica.com. You can access the account anytime and anywhere. In this way, you will no longer seek help from the customer service once you have an account online. If you are interested to enrol your account online, you can read the post page which has instructions below:


  1. The first step is to navigate to the web page of the bank at www.bankofamerica.com. Look out for the “Enroll Now” web page link which can be found on the left side of the page and after that simply click it. Now you may start to establish your account online.
  2.  Next,make sure you add the facts needed over the internet. You ought to choose your state. Then, select the form of account you need to apply and then click the “Continue Enrollment”. If you choose the “Bank of America Credit Card”, give your credit card data.
  3.  Also, you supply your Social Security System number, the account number you’ve got on the bank, your existing and established email address and also language preference you need.
  4.  Then, you need to review the agreement primarily before you can agree by checking the checkbox. It is advisable to again click the “Continue Enrollment” to process the info and create your own private account now.
  5. Lastly, just wait for the password to be sent to the email you have provided when you are on the registration process. You can change it anytime once you can now login to your account.


Here are the simple ways to create online account for the Bank of America. Just follow the process accordingly.