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How to Write an Email in CorrLinks?

There is nothing sadder than not talking to your loved one who is in prison. You do not have to worry now since you can communicate with them using CorrLinks email program. How you can obtain an account? Read the steps below:image

  1. You need to know first the inmate number. If you don’t know, just visit the website of Federal Bureau where you can find the number you are looking for. Just search there the complete name of the inmate and which facility he or she is located.
  2. You also need to contact the admin of the CorrLinks to know if the certain inmates you wish to contact have an authorized access on the program.
  3. If the inmate wishes to communicate with you, he or she has to add you on his or her own contact list. This is the only way you are allowed to send and receive messages from the inside. This is once the person approves your request. To also add you name on his or her list, the inmate submit your name on the admin via email.
  4. If you have been approved, a message will be sent on your email which contains a redirection of link on corrlinks.com. You must register as a new user and setup your own profile. If you have your account now, you get the privilege to block or accept inmates who wanted to add you. You will only have 10 days to respond on their request. After 10 days the identification code given on the invitation will expire.
  5. Once you are now login, you can start composing email to the inmate you wish to contact. Everything will be monitored by admins, all the emails you send and receive.

If you already have an account, visit now Corrlinks.com sign in page.