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Simple Way to Create Your Gmail Account

People want the fast and convenient way of communicating to others, especially when it is very important information or a confidential file. Gmail is one best email service that you can create your account which is free and fast sending of mails. You can also enjoy the benefits of Gmail such as easy access to all Google products. Signing up is just a piece of cake of activity so you can start your own email activities. Read this blog as your guide for signing up an email account on Google.

  1. Open your browser and then navigate your way to the Google mail website. Type www.gmail.com on your browser. You will be redirected to the login page but find the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button found on the top right of the page.
  2. Once the button is clicked, you will be on the registration page where you can start filling out the information needed. Fill out first the basic personal information needed such as your name, birthday, age, mobile number and location. Click this page for more information about this step.
  3. Before you start filling out with the email ID and password fields, think of what you want to have.  When you have decided you can start typing the email address and password you have chosen. Make sure they are secured enough not to let others know your most secured information but easy enough for you to remember so you won’t forget.
  4. Read the agreement terms so you will know the rules and regulation of Google when it comes to using their email service.  Check the”I agree” when you agree with the terms and want to use the service. Lastly, click the button Next step.

These are the easy steps of creating an email on Google. Just be sure you follow the steps on this post.