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How to File Florida Corporation?

A large entity established by shareholders is the Florida Corporation. The shareholders have to elect to incorporate the corporation and separate them to their own personal shares. The filing fee now is lower now by 25% which cost about $70. There are many advantages why form Florida Corporation than in any other states. The advantages may include lower tax and easy access to foreign investors. If you decide to form a Florida corporation, you have to think about these things. Emailing the form will take the Florida Department for about 5 – 7 business days to process. If you file online, it will take 1 – 2 days which makes the process easier. Here are the steps you have to do in forming the corporation.

  1. Decide the name of your corporation and check in this site at www.sunbiz.org/corinam.html. This is to find out whether the name is available or not.
  2. If the name is available, you have to file the paper on the Sun biz website. You can pay through credit card and must have a valid email address for the new corporation. This is to transact through email and not snail mails anymore.
  3. If the Florida has allowed you, you will receive your Federal ID. Make sure you information are available and legal. Go to the Sunbiz website and locate your public record for future reference.
  4. Your corporation should be elected on S Corp to avoid twice tax. Obtain a 2553 form and follow the instruction of filing that is found all in www.irs.gov.
  5. Also you have to fill out a W-9 form which is also found on the website. Just fill in this form and give in case asked from you.
  6. In case you need a sales tax number from the State of the Florida, go to the site and file free there.

The steps should be done step by step or else your application will be void. You can also apply for LLC FL for better protection.