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How to Register at Macy’s Insite Connection?

You can find may reasons why employees in Macy’s are happy working in the company. It is one of the best places where you can interact with different kinds of clients. The company has its own system which allows employees to view their performance and standing in the company. It is called Macy’s Employee Insite which employees in Macy’s and Bloomingdale stores should create its own account. For those who have their account, they can view the payroll records, view schedules, news about the company, interaction with other employees and many more.


If you do not have an account yet, signing up is very easy. In case you are not confident yet, you can use the instructions below as your guide:


  1.  Open your personal web browser and type the URL in which you ought to sign up at www.employeeconnection.net.
  2.  To have your own account, you ought to find first the “Sign in” button and then click on it. Simply click the “New User/Forgot Password” option.
  3.  You will likely be redirected to the registration form where you ought to fill out the data asked just like your employee ID, Ss # and more. Make sure you provide all the info on the area provided.
  4. As soon as you are completed typing all the information from the fields, you need to send them by pressing “Sign in”.
  5.  Now you will be given a temporary password to try so that you can login to your account. You should change it out on the “Change Password” web page link you can find on the account.


Just follow the steps carefully so you can have your own account at Macy’s Employee Insite. After you have done, you can now view your own schedule, payroll records, about the company any where you are, even at home or outside.