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Online Registration Steps of Your My Premier Bank Card

First Premier Bank has an online website which all credit card holders can register. The website is helpful in managing and handling your account at www.mypremiercreditcard.com. In this way, you can track the expenses you have made and see if it’s correct. You can also review if you are already beyond what you can pay. The updates are made immediately. All you need is a few minutes of your time to register the account. If you are not sure about how to do the process, you can read in this article a guide. Just follow the steps below:

What exactly you need first?

  1. You additionally possess a computer with reliable internet access.
  2. You have to pay the internet service rate just once that cost $4.95 only.


How to Enroll?

  1. Simply open up your browser and next to see the website at www.mypremiercreditcard.com login page. So next, any time on the website, hit the “Enroll” key so it’s possible to begin with the enrollment strategy.
  2.  Present the info inquired in the website to you that includes the name, account number, your SSS number, the card number, the expiration date, zip code of your billing address, phone number, the three digits number behind.
  3. You must also make your unique wished username and password. Email address contact info is significant so input which you currently utilize.
  4.  And after that, press “Continue”. You will get a verification email comprising of details that you have with success made your profile.
  5. You may at this moment sign on into your fresh account and organize it. If you are not now a first timer, you could skip the subscription section and access your profile. Simply just login your account information.

You can always call for mypremiercreditcard customer service now for more information.