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Enrollment Process of Regions Bank

Regions Bank is specialized in corporate banking that has lots of branches now all over the 16 states of United States. It started only with three branches in Alabama. Now it became one of the most successful and biggest banks. For those who already have an account, you can enroll online now. How?

When you start the registration procedure you must have the following things:image

  1. You must have a bank account presently in Regions Bank.
  2. You need to have a computer through an access to the internet.
  3. You need to get also your personal Social Security Number.
  4. Your own valid email address to register. If you happen to don’t get one sign up to any webmail providers.

Registration Online Process

  1. Visit the website to begin with of Regions Bank at www.regions.com.
  2. Browse for the URL “Enroll for Online Banking’ and click on The link can be found around the higher right part of the home page. Just next to the label “Online Banking Login”.
  3. Read for starters the overview material via the bank about the subscription process as soon as you are completed press “Continue”.
  4. In that case, select the type of account you desire to Additionally select which sort, either personal or business profile. You also need to choose as to what your account ought to be approved. It’s possible to select using Customer Number or your ATM Check Card.
  5. Key in your Social Security Number and your account information. In case you’re finished, click on the icon “Continue”.
  6. Set up your own account ID and password so you can continue with the signing up. You will be able to utilize your account once you have done with the creation of user account details.

You will have your own Regions bank login details now and explore your own account.